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Friday, July 10, 2009

Travel In Style: Luggage

Later this month I am being forced against my will to take a 4 day trip to the backwoods of Tennessee. My dad lives there and while I love visiting him on my own terms, this time around Nikki and I will be going without Jason and with my mother. Let me preface this by saying that I love my mom (she did give me life afterall), but the sound of her voice tends to make me physically sick. I literally get nauseous when I hear her talk for too long. My parents have been divorced for 15 years and are suddenly back in each other's lives, so they're trying to make up for lost "family time."

Anyways, I'm pretty angry about being given the ultimatum of "come now or forever be disowned", so I'm sucking it up and going despite the fact that Jason and I haven't spent the nite apart from each other since we got together 3 years ago. And despite the fact that I know I'll have to care for Nikki on my own the entire time since neither one of them are very comfortable around small children. (How on earth did I survive??) So to make myself feel better about the trip, I treated myself to some much-needed luggage.

Behold the Prodigy Hudson 5-pc. collection from Kohls. It's regulary $179.99, but it's on sale this weekend for $64.99! Plus, if you're on their email list you get an additional 15% off any purchase thru Sunday. So I got quite the deal on this adorable set!

**Print this coupon for yourself, or shop online with coupon code "THREEDAYS".


birdsandplanes said...

what a deal!!!!!

Supergirl43837 said...

it's beautiful :)
i want new luggage!!! we always pack our stuff in just a bunch of mismatched duffle bags LOL...but our trips are usually only about 3 days long, so we'll be ok. I should have let Hollywood buy me the D&B suitcase when he offered to a few yrs ago, though.

Valerie Valentine said...

Lluvia - lol maybe for christmas?? i would love high end luggage like D&B or LV, but this economical set will have to do for now. A girl can dream tho :)

kitty kouture said...

What a great deal!!!!! That luggage is super cute! :) xoxo