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Monday, July 6, 2009

How To: 4th of July Flag Cake

Kimberly and I decided to make a flag cake for a 4th of July party we went to on Saturday. It was a hit! We used Angel Food cake, Cool Whip and mixed berries to create this yummy treat. Here's how we did it:

What you need: Angel Food cake mix, Cool Whip, red & blue berries.

Follow instructions on cake mix box.

After cake cools, "frost" with Cool Whip.

Make a flag pattern using berries!

It was so simple and so, so delicious! Did you make anything fun and festive for the 4th??


Michelle said...

That looks soooo yummy!! xx

Valerie said...

Michelle - It was sooo good! A UK flag would be harder to make, but I bet it would look so cool!!!

Supergirl43837 said...

it looks so yummy!! i made star-shaped sandwiches for my girls. and we had red, white, and blue icecream. i just added red food coloring and blue food coloring to vanilla ice cream. Then i served them a small scoop of each. i can't believe i didn't take a picture ://

Valerie said...

Lluvia - Those sound so cute (& delicious!)

birdsandplanes said...

that was the most delicious cake i have ever had. we should bake/cook more often.

Valerie said...

Kimberly - Amen, sister!