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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coolest Rain Boots Ever?!

While shopping for my Marc Jacobs Sasha, I spotted these Chooka moto studded rain boots on ShopBop.com for only $24 -- 70% off retail! I can't wait for hurricane season (yes, we really have a "hurricane season" in Florida) so I can rock these waterproof bad boys!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My First Marc Jacobs Bag!

Summer is almost at an end so I decided to make good on [most of] the Summer Plans For My Wallet list I posted a few months ago.

First and foremost, I treated myself to some stylish uniforms & spellbinding books for Dental Assisting school.

{Insert sarcasm here}

I didn't end up getting an iPhone, but I did get the HTC EVO with a sparkly case!

Loves It!

The most exciting thing I purchased this Summer was the Marc By Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal "Sasha" bag. It's my very first Marc Jacobs bag and I've wanted it for soooo long. (Ok, well at least six months.) I'm not exactly sure when the collection came out, but it was nearly impossible to track one down. If I did stumble upon one, it didn't have the lining I wanted or it was a color I wasn't crazy about.

Thank God for ShopBop! I got the Newsprint color with the black & white MJ print inside.

My Dream Bag! (for now...)

Have you bought anything from your own wishlist lately?