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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What To Wear: Rock Concert

My future mother-in-law is taking Jason's sister & I to see Coldplay next week for my birthday. This is what I'd love to wear:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Strippy Zippy Groovee bag $350 @Piperlime.com
Maloles Tao boots $170 @lagarconne.com
Chanel Long Button Black Shell CC necklace $111 @bagborroworsteal.com
Dark wash skinny Baxter jeans $66 @TopShop.com
Robyn Striped Cardigan $18 @Forever21.com
Ribbed Macram trim tank $7.80 @Forever21.com


CocoBella said...

Love Coldplay! That outfit is hot! Have fun!!! xx

Valerie Valentine said...

CocoBella - Thank you so much :)

kitty kouture said...

I love the outfit especially the necklace!! Looks like you are ready to wear some fall clothes! :) xx

Valerie Valentine said...

Ashley - Thanks! I would love a Chanel necklace! One day... Yes, I am anxiously awaiting fall! It's my favorite season for fashion :)

Megan said...

Super cute! Have fun!