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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How To: Day to Night

Taking a look from day to night is as easy as 1-2-3!

In the summer, an uncomplicated sun dress looks super cute with a pair of flip flops and a beach tote, but what if you have a dinner date after your day shopping with friends? Just bring along a pair of dressy wedges, a black clutch and a piece of statement jewelry and take your style from simple to stunning!

For makeup, I would go with a neutral look in the day, adding a dark crease color and another coat of mascara for the eyes, a little blush/highlighter for the face and a lipstick to perk up your pout for the night.

American Eagle Cross-Back Dress $24.95 (ae.com)
Laurel's Starfish Earrings $29.95 (fantasyjewelrybox.com)
Fox One Shady Tote $29.50 (pacsun.com)
American Eagle Rubber Flip Flops $6.95 (ae.com)
Silver Studded Disc Earrings 6 GBP (missselfridge.com)
Flap Clutch $48 (yesstyle.com)
Stud Shield Wedges $24.50 (wetseal.com)


RCaitlin said...

Day to night dresses are the best buys!

Valerie Valentine said...

RCaitlin - I agree! :)

kitty kouture said...

i swear i want u to fill my closet with your finds! i love the starfish earrings, the dress and the wedges! Cute stuff! i would totally fail though and wear the 3 things i just mentioned for day and night :) keep it up hun! xx

Supergirl43837 said...

i love day to night looks!! i have several sets on polyvore that are day to night looks. i love this dress. it's super cute and the color is perfect...it can be combined with a great variety of shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Valerie Valentine said...

Ashley - That's the beauty of my finds, they're easy to mix and match! The starfish earrings are too cute, aren't they?? Great minds think alike :)

Lluvia - I love grey dresses, they're so versatile! You should blog your Polyvore outfits!! I'd love to see them :)