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Monday, March 30, 2009

This Week's Drugstore BOGOs

I tracked down some of the best BOGOs this week! Here's the 411:
*These may not be the same in your area, so double check before you head out!

CVS - ALL Sally Hansen Cosmetics, Depilatories or Healing Beauty Cosmetics, Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor, Gloss and ALL Maybelline Eye, & ALL Rimmel products

Walgreens - Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara, L'Oreal Bare Naturale, Mascaras and Lip Colors & Revlon tools (tweezers, eyelash curlers, mirrors)

Also @ Walgreens this week, Buy One Get One 50% off on all Salon Collection Cosmetic Brushes. Everytime I go to Walgreens I always go feel these brushes! They're so incredibly soft!!! I haven't bought any yet because they're a little pricey for a drugstore brand, but with the BOGOHO this week, I'm definitely picking some up. Check my YouTube channel for a review of them soon :)


Weekly Spotlight: My Favorite Websites

So my idea for a "weekly" website tip is turning into more of a "monthly" thing...

This month I'm spotlighting GirlProps.com! I don't order from them as much as I used to, but they're a great place to find cute jewelry at super low prices. They always send their items in a cute zebra print gift bag with matching tissue paper! Here's a few of my favorites (nothing below costs more than $9.99): 

Girl Props...
Girl Props... by srqsocialite

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NYX Blowout Sale

NYX is a line of professional-grade cosmetics with great prices and they're having a mega blowout sale right now! Buy in bulk and save soooo much money!!! I can't believe how cheap they're selling this stuff! I ordered Item #1 which has 8 lipglosses and 5 trio eyeshadow palletes for only $16! The singles eye shadow lots are already SOLD OUT! Hurry up before everything's gone! BUY HERE

MAC paint pot...

I got a Paint Pot in Painterly at MAC yesterday (which I vlogged about on YouTube) because I convinced myself that I had to have it! I'm not really sure how to use it, but I'm assuming it's like a creme eye shadow that can double as a base. Everyone and their mother has the Painterly shade, so I went with that one. It's a very light beige and not the best nude for my lids since I'm pretty tan. Overall, I'm not seeing what's so great about it so I'm probably going to return it and get something else.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buy This For Your Man

I bought Jason the Nivea for men cooling shave gel and I will NEVER let him use anything else from now on! It smells absolutely amazing!!! I can't stop attacking him to smell his face! It's only $2.99 at CVS.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Coastal Scents is having a sale!

My favorite site for cheap makeup and brushes, Coastal Scents, is having a Friday the 13th sale this weekend!

The sale ends on Sunday the 15th @ Midnight EST.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mommy Must Haves: Gadgets!

I don't consider myself a "techie" per say, but there are a few gadgets that I couldn't live without. Busy mommy or not, these 4 items are guaranteed to make your life a little less stressful!

1. Google G1 Cell Phone (or other Apple iPhone comparable)

I got the G1 instead of the iPhone so I could stick with T-Mobile and spare myself the contract cancellation fee. However, almost every cell phone carrier has an iPhone knockoff nowadays. The point is, modern technology has turned the latest cell phones into handheld computers, giving you up to the minute traffic updates, weather forecasts and news. Not to mention, custom applications that let you bid on eBay auctions, calculate a tip or scan a barcode to find the best deal! I use mine at least once an hour to take down a note or calculate bills. I even listen to music on it when I'm getting ready. You can also connect to WiFi on most smart phones and surf the internet super fast! Don't forget the car charger!

2. TiVo

I couldn't even tell you what day and time my favorite shows are on anymore since I had Nikki. All I know is that when I get a peaceful chunk of time to veg out in front of the tv, they'll all be waiting there for me on my trusty ol' TiVo! I bought mine on eBay for $95 4 years ago and it's one of the best investments I ever made. Being able to FF thru commercials is like a dream and pausing live tv when the baby starts to cry is a gift only God can give.

3. MacBook laptop

Apple computers rule and PCs drool. (In my opinion anyways.) I've had 3 Microsoft-possessed laptops in the past and they've all died horrible deaths. I would say that my MacBook has never given me a lick of trouble, but I'd be lying. Truth be told, it crapped out on me last October and took all of Nikki's newborn pictures and videos and my MP3 collection with it. But, here I am today telling you all to buy one. That's because I believe in the power of Apple and in it's promise to never do me dirty like that bastard Bill Gates did oh so many times. Just make sure you suck it up and shell out the $300 for the AppleCare plan so they'll fix you up free of charge for the first 3 years. AND always remember to backup all your meaningful files!

4. Fujifilm FinePix Z Digital Camera

This is the make and model I'm currently using, but any quality digital camera will do. I don't know anyone under 35 who doesn't have their own digital camera, so I don't need to do much convincing on this one. I keep mine in my purse at all times because you never know when you'll need to capture a moment. I like the FinePix Z because it has a slide feature to expose the lens instead of a zoom. If Nikki grabs it, I can just slide it shut real quick and if he drops it, the lens won't break because it's internal and flush with the camera body. It's a 10 Megapixel and takes pretty good quality videos. (It's what I shoot my YouTube vids with!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sephora Coupon Code

Get FREE shipping on orders of $35 or more! Enter code SHIP35 at checkout. Expires: 03/31/09.

This is what I'll be using my free shipping for:

Effortless Style

I know that everyone has their own style, but being a mom keeps even the most fashionable gal desperately searching for something that matches in the morning! I'm no fashion guru, but I think I've got "mom style" down to a science, with no high-waisted jeans or shoulder pads in sight! I have devised a shopping list (a la Tim Gunn) to help you mix & match with very little effort! Here are some suggestions for simple, versatile pieces every mom needs in her closet:

1. Fitted tees (so easy. plus, Old Navy has 'em for $5!)
2. "Wifebeater" tanks (comfy, comfy, comfy)
3. Oversized sunglasses (instantly cover under-eye circles!)
4. A printed scarf (adds flair to a tee shirt & jeans)
6. An expensive-looking bag (if you can't afford a good quality one, fake it!)
7. A casual "day" dress (wear with flip flops or sneakers, cover up with a cardigan)
8. A frilly top (dress up your jeans)
9. A classic white blouse (preppy, but not stuffy)
10. Black pants (or other jeans-alternative)
11. Quality jeans (a great investment)
12. Date nite dress (could be a little, black dress or a girly floral print)
13. A cardigan (toss it in your bag in case it gets chilly, or baby spits up on your top!)
14. A cocktail ring (dresses up any outfit)
15. Big earrings (instantly make you look put together)
16. A simple necklace (a nice addition to any outfit)
17. Pea coat (classic winter staple)
18. Flip flops (easy for out-the-door)
19. Sneakers (a necessity when chasing kids)
20. Flats (comfy AND cute!)
21. Platform Slingback Heels (they're the easiest to walk in and they're super sexy)

mommy style
mommy style by srqsocialite

*All items are under $55 and were taken from Kohl's, Old Navy, GAP, Forever 21, Delias, Walmart & Target!
**Click on the styleboard for full detailed descriptions/prices.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Through watching the beauty videos on YouTube, I've learned about a website where you can swap makeup with other users. Say you buy a lipstick and realize the color is all wrong for you once you get home and try it out. On Makeup Alley, you can list your lipstick by brand and shade and if someone wants it, they can trade you for something they have. If they don't have a product you want, you don't have to trade with them. It's as simple as that! I've heard stories of people not fulfilling their end of the bargain and not sending stuff, but that's the risk you take when using the site. It works on the honor system, meaning that Makeup Alley can't do anything about users being shady like that. I've listed some stuff and I'm waiting for someone to want to trade with me. I also started a wish list so other users can see what I'm looking for. It's a really cool idea for makeup lovers on a budget!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Spotlight: My Favorite Websites

I'm going to try to spotlight one of my favorite websites every week for you guys. I LIVE for online shopping (well, after my family, my friends and traveling). I love discovering a new site with unique products, especially if the prices are good. I figured my readers would be interested in checking out some online stores that they might not have heard about yet. First up is FredFlare. They stock everything adorable from tees, sunglasses and jewelry to cook books and wrapping paper! They're constantly adding new items and the prices are pretty reasonable. The two fabulous guys behind the company (based out of NYC) also have a "supes cute" video podcast on iTunes. Below are some of my favorite items:

fred flare
fred flare by srqsocialite

*Clockwise from top right:
hot shot! camera ring $10
Holly Golightly sleep mask $14
dapple feather headband $32
ice cream kitchen timer $10
pretty in pink bouquet dress $68
mini boombox iPod speaker pouch $24
Juno cheeseburger phone $26