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Friday, July 17, 2009

Spotlight: My Favorite Websites

I found out about the most amazing website today! It's called Hautelook and it's basically a deal-finding website that holds 72 hour sales from the best brands! Their motto is "Friends Don't Let Friends Pay Retail," so I'm sharing the site with my fellow bargain-loving ladies!

Right now they're offering 7 different sales, but the best of all is definitely STILA. They're having a 50% blowout on some of their best products! Including their 24K lip glosses and Barbie paint cans! Items only remain in your shopping cart for 15 minutes, so you have to shop fast, but it's totally worth it!

They'll also be having a KORRES sale starting on the 21st at 8AM PST.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


birdsandplanes said...

what a neat site however you are not supposed to be buying new makeup just yet...

Valerie Valentine said...

Kimberly - touche. which is why i haven't bought anything (yet). i'm trying to abstain, but it's such a good deal!!!