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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I Wore: My "Nerdy" Halloween

I am well aware that Halloween was 5 weeks ago, but here are some pictures of my "nerd" costume for those of you who were curious:

Glasses - (free from 3-D movie theater)
White V Neck Tee - American Eagle
Grey Varsity Sweater - C Ronson at JCPenney
Black "High Water" Dickies - Torrid
Suspenders & Star Wars Belt Buckle - Walmart
Spiderman Watch & Calculator "Necklace" - Dollar Tree

P.S. - Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas on Twitter!

P.P.S. - I just saw this random picture of an indie girl on tumblr. Wonder where she got her inspiration... hahaha j/k Purely coincidental, but still weird.