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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sephora Beauty Insider Loophole!

If you're a Beauty Insider at Sephora you've surely received your complimentary $15 gift card in the mail or via email by now. Thinking I had to spend $50 to use it (as the fine print states), I tossed mine aside figuring I should be selfless and finish my Christmas shopping before spending any money on myself.

Then I stumbled upon this post from Nouveau Cheap. Apparently, if you use your gift card online there is no minimum purchase (a.k.a. loophole jackpot!) This means, as long as you spend at least $15 total (including shipping & tax), you could pay $0!!!

Rather than getting one thing, factoring in tax and S&H, and paying nothing I opted to get 2 things, use a free shipping promo code I found online ("S4FM516"), and pay a little bit .

Here's what I got:

NARS "Silent Night" Single Eye Shadow $9

OPI for Sephora Nail Colour in "Metro Chic" $9

My 3 Free Samples:

Michael Kors "Very Hollywood" perfume

Gucci "Flora" perfume

YSL "Parisienne" perfume

My 100 Point Perk:

Renee Furterer Volumizing Shampoo

My Grand Total: $4.26


CocoBella said...

Omg that's awesome! I'm going to try it now, thanks for sharing this hun :) xx

Recessionista! said...

Yay!! So glad you were able to maximize that code! And now I'm regretting not getting Metro Chic. lol. xo

Valerie Valentine said...

Nikki - Post what you end up getting!

Recessionista! - Thanks for the heads up :) At least you got the NARS e/s tho! That was such a great deal!