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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More FREE Sephora Goodies!

Just 2 days after blogging about Sephora's Beauty Insider Loophole, I got another $15 gift card, this time in my email! (Did everyone get an e-gift certificate and a hard copy? Let me know if you did too.)

This time I chose to get 1 item and pay [next to] nothing. The free shipping code I used last time has apparently since expired so I used "WISHME" instead and got to choose from 3 deluxe samples. None of the 100 Point Perks caught my eye, so I skipped that this go around.

What I Got:

Clinique Take The Day Off To Go $8.50

YSL Mascara Sample in Black

My 3 Free Samples:

YSL "Parisienne" Perfume

Fekkai Technician Shampoo & Conditioner

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

My Grand Total: $0.05!!!


Megan said...

I got mine too! I ended up getting the Naturia dry shampoo. Wanted to let you know that they have special on it right now. You can get the full size as well as the travel size for the price of the full size. Only $24! I know how much you love that stuff.

Valerie Valentine said...

Megan - That IS a deal!!! I'll definitely be getting some. It's the best dry shampoo in my opinion. This will be my 3rd Sephora order in 2 weeks! lol

Anonymous said...

omg you are so good at getting things at sephora for soo cheap, how do you do it? i just spent close to 100 bucks on stuff there, and you paid 5 cents for some pretty good stuff, good job, and post some more

Valerie Valentine said...

Anonymous: Thanks! I'm all about finding coupon codes ;)