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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Style Forecast for Summer '09

My predictions for the upcoming season.


1. Lavender (especially nail polish and lipstick!)
2. Dresses* with ballerina flats, instead of flip flops (save the flops for the beach.)
3. Statement jewelry (try a chunky necklace or cocktail ring.)
4. Bold floral prints (too scared to rock 'em on all over? try a scarf instead!)
5. Full bangs (I think they're makin' a comeback!)

*Single-shoulder dresses have been all over the runways and are sure to be a top trend this summer!


1. Neon (I'm so sick of seeing neon colored shit everywhere!)
2. Metallic/patent leather-looking leggings (they're not flattering. on anyone.)
3. Frosted lips (I try to force myself into thinking they're pretty, but they're just so 80's!)
4. Super fake tans (with so many good products out there, why use the ones that turn you orange??)
5. One flat hair color (add some dimension for the summer!)


LoveLipstickandLime said...

I just my bangs cut like that a couple of weeks ago, the style you put together is great, I love the colors and the theme. xxNadia

Valerie Valentine said...

Thanks Nadia! You have the prettiest hair :)

kitty kouture said...

I got full bangs cut back in October. They were fun for a little while then I let them grow back out to the side swept look! I love your blogs like this will the collages! Such a cute idea and so full of ideas!! :) xx

Valerie Valentine said...

Aww thanks so much Ashley :) I wish my hair would cooperate with bangs, I think they're so chic!