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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot Dad of the Month

Here at Material Instinct, we don't discriminate. If there's a Hot Mom of the Month, shouldn't there be a Hot Dad of the Month? Yes, there should. And now there is! First up, the newly single Ashley Parker Angel.

Ashley's a 27 year old father of one, a son named Lyric Lennon, born in 2004. He's starred in Hairspray on Boradway as well as his own reality show on MTV, There & Back, but Ashley is most famous for being on season 1 of Making the Band where he joined the boyband Otown. "Liquid Dreams" anyone?? (Yes, I was a fan. No hate mail! They were good!)

Currently, Ashley's back in Los Angeles working on new music and twittering.

So adorable.

Carrying his son Lyric back in 2007.

Official DILF.

---->Look, We're Celebrity Endorsed!


birdsandplanes said...

super neat. so what about hot nannies of the month?!

Valerie Valentine said...

you're hot nanny of the year!! lol