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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MAC Style Warriors

So today I went in to have my makeup done and check out the new Style Warriors collection at MAC. My friend who works there told me it was going to be a "party" and that Kelly Osbourne's makeup artist was going to be there doing people's makeovers. Well, as far as I could tell there was no party. All the MUAs were standing around watching someone put makeup on a model. Was it Kelly Osbourne's MUA? Who knows. The model was dressed in a leopard print maxi dress with crazy teased hair & a bad boob job. I'm assuming she was dressed that way for Style Warriors, but again, who knows. A regular old makeup artist took me to my chair and asked me what I wanted. She was pleasant enough, but she seemed like she was disappointed that I took her away from the "party".

I told her I usually do a neutral smokey eye and nude lips, so she proceeded to do my face using some of the new SW products. She mixed in the Bronze Hero Lustre Drops & some Scatter Rays Solar Bits with my foundation. She used a 190 brush with a very, very light hand and didn't properly blend it in even tho she took 5 minutes to apply it. Then, she did my eyes. I told her that I liked the yellow Bright Future eyeshadow she had on, so she did a look using that and the other 2 new shades, Tempting (a re-promote) and Soft Force. A little liquid liner on the top with some mascara & she was done. For my lips, I really wanted to try the Brave New Bronze lipstick because it looked like all the other lipsticks I had and therefore, I needed this one too. I didn't speak up tho, so she went with the Purple Rite lipstick with Fierce & Fabulous lipglass over top. And, surprisingly, I liked it! It made for a very vivid berry-colored lip. She topped it all off with some bronzer all over my face. Overall, it was very pretty, but I felt like I could have easily done the look myself.

On to my purchases. I went in for the Pink Rebel & Sun Rush Lustre Drops, the Brave New Bronze lipstick & a pan form Sketch eyeshadow. I left with Fierce & Fabulous lipglass, Bright Future eyeshadow, Tempting & Sketch pan form shadows & some pigment jars. They were completely sold out of the 2 Lustre Drops I wanted, so I'll have to order them online.

The goods.

(No flash) Fierce & Fabulous lipglass. Top to bottom: Tempting, Bright Future, Sketch.

(With flash)


kitty kouture said...

hey val! ur makeup looks gorgeous! so bronzed & summery! loving purple rite l/s & fierce & fab l/g on u! :) xx

Valerie Valentine said...

Thanks Ashley! I was so shocked how nice the purples looked on my lips :) i'm loving all the shimmery bronze goodness too!

Kelsey said...

bright future! whoop

Valerie Valentine said...

Kelsey - Heck Yes!