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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Spotlight: My Favorite Websites

I'm going to try to spotlight one of my favorite websites every week for you guys. I LIVE for online shopping (well, after my family, my friends and traveling). I love discovering a new site with unique products, especially if the prices are good. I figured my readers would be interested in checking out some online stores that they might not have heard about yet. First up is FredFlare. They stock everything adorable from tees, sunglasses and jewelry to cook books and wrapping paper! They're constantly adding new items and the prices are pretty reasonable. The two fabulous guys behind the company (based out of NYC) also have a "supes cute" video podcast on iTunes. Below are some of my favorite items:

fred flare
fred flare by srqsocialite

*Clockwise from top right:
hot shot! camera ring $10
Holly Golightly sleep mask $14
dapple feather headband $32
ice cream kitchen timer $10
pretty in pink bouquet dress $68
mini boombox iPod speaker pouch $24
Juno cheeseburger phone $26