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Friday, March 6, 2009

Effortless Style

I know that everyone has their own style, but being a mom keeps even the most fashionable gal desperately searching for something that matches in the morning! I'm no fashion guru, but I think I've got "mom style" down to a science, with no high-waisted jeans or shoulder pads in sight! I have devised a shopping list (a la Tim Gunn) to help you mix & match with very little effort! Here are some suggestions for simple, versatile pieces every mom needs in her closet:

1. Fitted tees (so easy. plus, Old Navy has 'em for $5!)
2. "Wifebeater" tanks (comfy, comfy, comfy)
3. Oversized sunglasses (instantly cover under-eye circles!)
4. A printed scarf (adds flair to a tee shirt & jeans)
6. An expensive-looking bag (if you can't afford a good quality one, fake it!)
7. A casual "day" dress (wear with flip flops or sneakers, cover up with a cardigan)
8. A frilly top (dress up your jeans)
9. A classic white blouse (preppy, but not stuffy)
10. Black pants (or other jeans-alternative)
11. Quality jeans (a great investment)
12. Date nite dress (could be a little, black dress or a girly floral print)
13. A cardigan (toss it in your bag in case it gets chilly, or baby spits up on your top!)
14. A cocktail ring (dresses up any outfit)
15. Big earrings (instantly make you look put together)
16. A simple necklace (a nice addition to any outfit)
17. Pea coat (classic winter staple)
18. Flip flops (easy for out-the-door)
19. Sneakers (a necessity when chasing kids)
20. Flats (comfy AND cute!)
21. Platform Slingback Heels (they're the easiest to walk in and they're super sexy)

mommy style
mommy style by srqsocialite

*All items are under $55 and were taken from Kohl's, Old Navy, GAP, Forever 21, Delias, Walmart & Target!
**Click on the styleboard for full detailed descriptions/prices.