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Friday, July 16, 2010

New Hair!

Before I went in for my hair appointment today, I asked you guys on Twitter which hair color you thought I should get:

Most of you suggested I go with the darker shade, but I actually ended up getting a mixture of the two.

Still lots of blonde, but the base color is reddish brown 

Excuse the wispy bangs...

I also had a shine treatment done!

I still plan to go totally auburn/brown in the fall, but for now I'm liking the pieces of blonde peeking through. What do you guys think?

Did I make a good choice?


Anonymous said...

You looks so great. Perfect mix of the two. Love it. And its so shiny and healthy looking.

Valerie Valentine said...

Thanks Suze :)

L!ddy said...

Great choice! I had said darker but I really like the combination. Love it!