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Friday, April 16, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun!

So I've been "blonde" since the beginning of February, but I keep forgetting to blog about it. I just got it touched up last week and I made sure to take some pictures for you guys! My stylist Julie Ann (from Cutting Loose salon) is AMAZING! I'll never waste my time/money going to anyone else ever again. If you live in the Sarasota area, you should definitely go see her. 

No one has ever been able to take my hair anywhere near blonde before. It usually ends up some sort of reddish tone or they'll give me white blonde highlights on my black hair (yuck!), but Julie Ann has no problem giving a girl what she wants. She even successfully died the entire underside of my black hair Barbie blonde a few years back when I was going for that whole "two different looks" thing.

I'm gonna dye it black when Fall/Winter rolls around, but for now I'm having fun being as blonde as humanly possible for an Italian girl! I love playing around with different makeup shades and colors of clothing to see what looks best with my new hue! 

On with the pictures!

(My natural hair color. Dark brown & pretty boring.)

(Started to go lighter in Summer 2009...)

(Officially a blonde in February 2010!)

(Right after my touch-up highlights last week.)

Do you go lighter in the Summer & darker in the Winter too?


Sara said...

Looks pretty! I'm dark at all times, as I have never dyed my hair. ♥

Valerie Valentine said...

Sara - Thanks! You've never dyed your hair? It must be so healthy! Lucky girl :)

Anonymous said...

Wowzer you look so lovely in the first picture.
Hmm I used to go lighter but then I went way WAY darker and right now Im in the process of growing my natural colour back. I think I will leave my hair alone for about a year but who knows. Actually if Im honest i really want to intensify the auburn tone of my natural hair and go redder... Might do that with a 28 wash colour or something...

Valerie said...

Suzy - Thanks hun! You'd look lovely with more auburn :)

PennsylvaniaBelle said...

I LOVE it! I absolutely do go darker in the winter and shockingly blond in spring/summer! Matt does my highlights!

RoAmyLive said...

woah! huge transformation!

definitely looks nice and summery!

Holly said...

Looks lovely , always change for season!xx

Supergirl43837 said...

Your hair looks super pretty!
I love the 3rd picture.
I never change my hair color for season. I actually rarely ever change my hair color. I dyed my hair black for almost 5 yrs starting from the 9th grade & when I tried to go lighter it was a disaster!! I'm gonna try to stick to my natural color for a while.

Valerie Valentine said...

Thanks for all the kind words ladies <3

Katie - I can not picture Matt doing your highlights! LOL What a good man :)