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Friday, January 1, 2010

You Say You Want A... Resolution!

2009 went by so fast! Nikki turned 1, I turned 25 and that's about all I remember. It's a new decade, I'm officially a quarter of a century old and it's time to get serious about accomplishing some goals!

So here they are, my New Year's Resolutions for 2010:

1. Get In Shape!

I have a feeling this is on everyone's list. It's always on mine anyways. What makes this year different from all the previous years however, is that this year I'm getting married. I have 10 months from today to look drop dead gorgeous for my hubby-to-be and goddamnit I'm gonna do it! I'm also extra motivated to lose weight so I can get healthier. My fibromyalgia isn't getting any better and I'm sure it's because of my crappy diet and lack of exercise. (Going to the doctor for a check up is also in order.) Thankfully, my Maid of Honor/BFFL Kimberly will be doing it all with me. Teamwork!

2. Play More!

My son Nikki will be 2 in March and I can already tell that playing with his toys and watching cartoons aren't cutting it anymore. He needs more stimulation and I want to facilitate that for him. More playgrounds, museums and outdoor activities are in our future. I also want to get better about documenting things. Scrapbooks aren't just for grandmas ya know!

3. Take More Fashion Risks!

I'm not talking about wearing Swarovski Crystal-encrusted shoulder pads or anything like that. The fashion risks I wanna take are on a much smaller scale. And it's not that I consider myself unfashionable. It's just that on a daily basis I pretty much wear jeans and a plain v-neck. Functional, cute even, but not really all that interesting. It's so easy for me to say what looks good on other people, but when it comes to dressing myself, I stick to basics. Having insecurities about how things will look on my body is the main culprit, but hopefully accomplishing Resolution #1 will help ease me into more daring clothes.

4. Curb The Crazy Spending!

I am, without a doubt, a shopaholic. If I have $5 in my pocket, I'll find a way to spend it. Recently coming to the realization that money does NOT grow on trees, I decided that I need to stop wasting money that could be saved for much more worthwhile things. Like paying off old debts. Or moving to England. This will, by far, be my hardest resolution.

And here are some random things I'd also like to accomplish this year...

  • Start using LiLash
  • Join Shoedazzle
  • Finish my A.A. (finally)
  • Make YouTube Partner
  • Stay in better touch with my friends
  • Apply for my MAC Pro card
  • Buy a Wii & exercise games
  • Cook more!

What are your New Year's Resolutions??


sternchenslove said...

Happy New Year!

The most of that list are my resolutions.

1. Lost weight!!!!!
2. Spend not so much money for make up
3. Sport

Fingers cross!

xxx Sandra

Valerie Valentine said...

sternchenslove - Good luck!!!

Valene Marie said...

Great resolutions !

Mine are:

1) Get healthy !
2) Cut off ties to any toxic people still in my life.

Valerie Valentine said...

Valene Marie - Great choices!