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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hot Dads of the NFL

My fiance Jason is a huge football buff, so I typically spend Sundays watching games with him. What's a girl to do, but play "Spot The Hotties" (I even gave them my own DILF nicknames!) Here is my Top 5 List of Hot NFL Dads. Enjoy!

Matt Leinart: Arizona Cardinals

Nickname: All American DILF
Age: 26
Stats: 6'5" 232lbs
Kids: 1
"Aww" Factor: He's responsible for one of the prettiest celebrity couples; he introduced Reggie Bush to Kim Kardashian!

Terrell Owens: Buffalo Bills

Nickname: Eye Candy DILF
Age: 36
Stats: 6'3" 224lbs
Kids: 2
"Aww" Factor: OK, so he's kind of a cocky douche bag, but look at those abs!

Joey Harrington: New Orleans Saints (currently a free agent)

Nickname: Band Geek DILF
Age: 31
Stats: 6'4" 210lbs
Kids: 1
"Aww" Factor: He's an accomplished jazz pianist who has performed with Jason Mraz, Blues Traveler & Third Eye Blind.

Kurt Warner: Arizona Cardinals

Nickname: Seasoned DILF
Age: 38
Stats: 6'2" 214lbs
Kids: 5 (+ 2 step-children)
"Aww" Factor: Has his own charity, First Things First Foundation, which works with children's hospitals, people with developmental disabilities & assists single parents.

Tom Brady: New England Patriots

Nickname: Baby Mama Drama DILF
Age: 32
Stats: 6'4" 225lbs
Kids: 2
"Aww" Factor: He ditched his ex-girlfriend, beautiful & talented Bridget Moynahan, for supermodel Gisele while she was pregnant with their baby, so he gets no "Aww" Factor from me!


Audrey said...

I always think tom brady looks amazing at events but awful on the field--just awful...lol
This was a really cute entry!

Valerie Valentine said...

Thanks Audrey! I'm not a big Tom Brady fan, but you can't deny his hotness.

Anonymous said...

Great call on Tom Brady. Finally, someone willing to look past his"hotness" to call it like it really is with him. Nothing he ever does in his life will ever redeem him in my eyes. Not only for the original dumping of a pregnant Moynahan, but also the subsequent humiliation she was forced to endure while he and Bundchen carried on a very public, tasteless affair throughout her lonely pregnancy. I would have thought more of him if he had at least waited until his son was born. For now I'm anxious to see whether little Jack Moynahan has to take a way-back seat to baby brother Ben.