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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rock & Roll Stroller

It's just about time for Nikki to switch from the infant carseat to a convertible one and while the fact that NO bulky convertible car seat can fit into my teeny, tiny VW Beetle...I am looking forward to upgrading his gear. ::shopping trip!:: Starting with a new stroller! 

The Kolcraft Contours Lite Plus Stroller with music on the go is stylish, lightweight and reasonably priced! Plus, it has an iPod dock so baby can jam out while they ride! I already uploaded some Baby Einstein tracks for his listening pleasure! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a crazy consumer review believer and all the reviews I've read about it are super positive. It's only $67.88 on Walmart.com and shipping is free if you have it sent to your local store.

My current travel combo is the Eddie Bauer Adventure System. I just HAD to have it. Little did I know, the car seat would be such a pain in the ass and I'd have to take the wheels off the stroller to fit it into my trunk! Luckily, I bought a "previously loved" Graco car seat at a yard sale, so I don't have to struggle with it anymore. I could keep the stroller, but it's a set so I'd rather just sell 'em on craigslist to some poor "style before function" sucker (oh, how naive we are when we're preggers).