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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If I Have A Baby Girl

When I found out I was having a boy I almost jumped off of the ultrasound table and smacked the technician in the mouth. I really, really wanted a girl. I was sure it was a girl. I even bought some girl things in preparation for her arrival. But after a few weeks of feeling my baby boy swimming around in my tummy and the fact that Jason really, really wanted a boy, I grew to love the fact that my she was going to be a he. I can't imagine Nikki being a girl now that he's here (although people are constantly asking if he is one). He'll grow up playing football with his daddy, making me mud pies and when he hits adolescence, he'll give us a shitload less grief than his female counterpart ever would.

With all that said... I still do secretly want a girl. It would be so adorable to watch Nikki look after his baby sister and to see her don pink tutus and tiaras. Plus, I could have someone to go shopping with and share all of my womanly wisdom with. We do plan on having one more baby and if it is a girl, these are some things I've picked out for her (and me):



LoveAtFirstBite said...

hahaha i was EXACTLY the same when i was told i was having a boy!! I actually cried when we left after the scan (im so ashamed to admit that!) but i was just so utterly convinced i would have a girl, im an extremely girly person, my mum only had girls and i just really envisioned myself taking care of a little girl! I felt like i wouldnt know what to do with a boy and that he would bond with his daddy more haha. Its so silly really because now i would never change him for the world. :)

Valerie Valentine said...

i know! i can't imagine having anything but my son now, but when the ultrasound tech asked me if i wanted to know the sex i was so sure it was a girl and then, lo and behold, he had his legs spread wide open to prove me wrong! hahaha maybe one day i'll give him a little sister (but a little brother would be fine with me!) boys are so much fun :)