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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Show & Tell: Liberty of London for Target [PIC HEAVY]

I went a little crazy at Target recently. Actually, I went a little crazy at three Targets. As I mentioned on Sunday, the Liberty of London collection debuted this week! Here's my mega haul, along with some styling ideas:

{*I ordered the rain boots from Target.com & should get them next week!}

Did you get anything from the collection??


Beauty In The Breakdown said...

I love EVERYTHING! And I'm seriously envious of your BIKE!!! I just bought the liberty of london one shoulder floor length dress and I freaking LOVE it! If you didn't try that on you def should go back and check it out cause believe me, you won't regret it!!!

Valerie Valentine said...

Beauty In The Breakdown - I did try that one on! I loved it, but I don't have anywhere to wear it. It reminded me of something a girl would wear to prom in the 70s! It's sooo pretty!

SUZY_GIRL said...

We dont have collection in our target stores in australia. I love it all. Honestly that scarf is so pretty. I love the bike. Lucky girl. I haven't gone shopping in a really long time and Im dying to. Love it all.

Krasey Beauty said...

Amazing haul Valerie. Now let's see you modeling it. ;)

Valerie Valentine said...

Suzy - That sucks that AU won't get the collection :( I wonder if you guys get other stuff that the US doesn't?

Adina - I'll leave the modeling to my roommate's mannequin, Midge ;)