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Friday, November 20, 2009

DIY: Marc Jacobs Studded Ballet Slippers

The Inspiration:
The Result:

How To DIY:
First, I had to buy the supplies. I ordered the Capezio ballet slippers from Discount Dance Supply & the studs from eBay. For the tools, I used a #2 Xacto knife and a pair of jewelry pliers. I used the knife to puncture small holes where I wanted to put the studs and then bent the prongs inward using the pliers.

*Warning: Be extremely careful while using the Xacto knife as they are very sharp! Also, be wary of slicing the leather too much. If you do, the studs won't stay in place.

Altogether, they came to about $20. They sell these same exact slippers on Bona Drag for $48! Plus shipping!!

I bought a package of 50 studs, so I thought I'd "bedazzle" a pair of boots too! (Before on right)


Marylenex727 said...

that is soo smart! & CUTE! i think im gonna try thatt! xD

Valerie Valentine said...

Marylene - It was pretty easy to do & much cheaper than buying them :)

Kelsey said...

SO cute, I love it

Valerie Valentine said...

Kelsey - Thanks!!