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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Olsens Team Up With JCPteen!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen have finally created a wallet-friendly clothing line for teens! It's called Olsenboye & it will be available at select JCPenney stores on November 6th. Check it out here!

From the promo pictures & video (see below), it looks like alot of basic tees & hoodies, but the shoes are amazing! Never one to shy away from the Junior's department, I will definitely be picking some things up.

Will you??

*photos from TeenVogue.com


birdsandplanes said...

i love the shoes. those oxfords are mine. and that boater hat is neat too. but I am not really a fan. Their other collections were so chic and lovely. This seems a little too 'abbey dawn' for them. and it is coming nowhere near us : (

Valerie Valentine said...

That's so funny, cuz those oxfords are mine actually :P

I don't like any of the clothes that I've seen so far, but the accessories should be cute.