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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Dream Outfit

I'm spending the day at home with Jason & Nikki (in my pjs), but if I had my way we'd be at a beach BBQ with friends and family. Here's what I'd love to wear:

Bag - Marc Jacobs
Top - Forever21
Shorts - Forever21
Shoes - ModCloth.com
Bikini - TopShop
Necklace - CherryRedBoutique.com
Sunglasses - Moschino


Michélle said...

Love the outfit! I want those shorts! - And the bikini!
Didn't know Forever21 had such cute clothes!
I'm going to Top Shop in a couple of months (going to London), so I'll finally get some goodies there too! :)

Valerie Valentine said...

Michelle - Thanks hun :) I'm so jelaous, I loooove TopShop! You'll find so many amazing things there I'm sure.

birdsandplanes said...

<3 the shoes!

Natalie E said...

hey! How are you liking that LV Damier speedy you got for your bday? Its soooo pretty:)

Valerie Valentine said...

Kim - Thanks queen. They made me think of you :)

Natalie - I love it, but it's not very practical. It doesn't let me organize any of my stuff, but it's pretty to look at! hehe