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Monday, August 17, 2009

DIY: Pro Nails

I love the look of Pro Nails! Katy Perry usually has some crazy amazing fingernail art, so she was my inspiration for this look. I picked up some press on nail stickers from Hot Topic for $5 and am taking them for a test run. They aren't super sticky and there's really no way to "cement" them on (i.e. top coat or sealing them with heat like Minx decals) but they've stayed on pretty well since I applied them 12 hours ago.

What do you think?

*Here's what they look like in the package:


CocoBella said...

Love it!! That looks awesome, I need to get some :)

kitty kouture said...

Neat-o! I love them! xx

LML said...

those are really cool! i must check them out!