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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Getaway: Chanel Style

This summer Jason and I are planning a little getaway to the Ritz Carlton in Naples. It has a world famous spa, 2 champion golf courses and is close to fantastic shopping! While there, we'd like to play some tennis, get massages, work on our tans and order room service in our pjs! Jason will be playing a round of golf a day so I'll have to amuse myself with the nearby Waterside Shops (Juicy Couture, Tiffany's, Anthropologie, Louis Vuitton, Chanel)...I can't wait! I've been thinking, why not vacation in high style??

"Chanel 'Couture' Bicycle"

"Chanel graphite tennis racket with 2 balls in matching colors."

"Chanel carbon fishing rod with reel & box for flies."

*All from Chanel's 2009 Sports Accessories on Chanel.com.


birdsandplanes said...

a Chanel bicycle!? shut the front door.

Valerie Valentine said...

Kimmy Pot Pie: Isn't it amazing?!