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Friday, July 16, 2010

The LiLash Experiment: Week 14

Doll lashes much??

It's been three and a half months since I started using LiLash & I am absolutely amazed at the results! My lashes are incredibly long & I haven't had any fallout! To be honest, I stopped using it on a daily basis about a month ago. I wanted to give my eyes a rest and I was actually kinda nervous that my lashes were getting too long. (Is there even such a thing as lashes that are too long??) Despite quitting my nightly regimen, my lashes kept growing & I'm proud to report that they are long, strong & down to get the friction on for that matter! (Sorry, bad Sir Mix-A-Lot joke...)

Trying to show them from the side.

Let's hear it for full, luscious lashes!

I cannot stop raving about this product! 


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Supergirl43837 said...

that stuff's amazing.

Valerie Valentine said...

I told you!! lol

L!ddy said...

It really works! Your lashes look amazing!

Valerie Valentine said...

L!ddy - Thank you :) Did you get my comment on your blog about you being a winner in my giveaway??

Kaitlyn said...

sounds like such an amazing product!

By the way i gave you an award on my blog



L!ddy said...

Sorry took so long to send you my info . Did you get it? I did not have my comment notificator on but now I do :) Thanks!

Valerie Valentine said...

L!ddy - I mailed your prizes out today :)